We hope that by sharing these stories we can help clarify questions about natural burial and the positive effect a funeral at one of our burial grounds can have. Thank you to all those who have shared their stories with us.

Bygone days!

​We scattered Brian’s ashes high on the hill on a bright, sunny day and spent time as a family reminiscing of bygone days and the happy times we had shared.
We found the whole experience uplifting and comforting. We know and love these valleys and hills intimately as we were all born and grew up in the neighboring villages. We felt we had brought Brian home and he was at peace surrounded by the countryside he loved so much.
His grandchildren scattered the wildflower seeds you had sent and we planted some cowslips which grow naturally in our own gardens. It was a truly memorable day for us all.

The task before us was daunting, to say the least.

Well the day finally arrived and all our hard work in these most emotional and stressful times paid off. A steep learning curve indeed. As a family we proved to be a very efficient team in planning and executing our “DIY” funeral, overcoming all obstacles, whilst at the same time balancing/managing our grief, and feeling of deep loss.

The Memorial Barn/Shelter became our chapel/church. A worthy tribute to Mum. Bedecked with wildflowers and roses, bracken, paper butterflies, and storm lamps with scented candles. Beautiful and fitting.

Mum was laid to rest in a wicker casket, in a most beautiful plot at Usk Castle Chase Natural Burial Meadow, sheltered as she sleeps, by a magnificent oak tree. A child of nature returning to nature. I am sure she would approve!

Thank you and Rosie Humphreys for providing such an outstanding venue and the foresight to be involved in, what I am sure, is the future of burials.

Mum wanted a personal funeral, not one based on tradition

My mother chose the Bath Natural Burial site through an internet search after her diagnosis. She was unable to visit herself but it was very accessible for me and my brother to go and take photos – a beautiful spot we were all very happy with and which we will feel comfortable visiting in the future, even with children.

The team were fantastic in their personal, reassuring service. They were very knowledgeable and gave us information and support to make the service our own.

After myself and my brother did our planned readings, lots of friends and relatives contributed memories of mum – some of them spontaneously. I don’t think this would have happened in a more formal indoor setting with a stranger leading the service.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this time special.

The atmosphere exuded good feelings

Uplifting. A beautiful mixture of trees and parkland. Wonderful views, peaceful. My husband and I both wanted a natural burial and this was the nearest – we are so lucky that it’s a short drive from home. It was the best funeral I’ve ever attended. Throughout, the atmosphere exuded good feelings, friendliness; relaxed but respectful.

A celebrant led funeral at Usk Castle Chase, with a group of people standing within the memorial shelter.

Anything but depressing!

We sadly lost dad after 15 years of him living with prostate cancer on May 25th 2016. Dad was 81 but was far from being an old man sitting down all day.

Even though he was brought up as a strict Catholic in a farm in the Irish countryside he wasn’t particularly religious. The thought of a full church service didn’t really reflect him! He loved nature, he was fascinated by the changing seasons and admired the rolling hills! When we came across Leedam’s natural burial site it was apparent this was the perfect place to lay dad to rest! We took comfort he could return to the land and be at one with nature.

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