Our ethos is to keep things simple, natural and beautiful. The burial ground is a place of escape, away from everyday things, somewhere to enjoy the peace and natural beauty without the trappings of a conventional cemetery.

Apart from trees growing and seasons changing, the way the burial ground looks now is the way it should stay for future generations.

Everything that goes into the ground at our natural burial grounds must be biodegradable and of a natural material. More information on eco-coffins, shrouds and urns can be found here.

At our natural burial grounds, embalming is not permitted because of the toxic chemicals used. This is because of the adverse effect on the soil, soil organisms, ground water and ecology of our sites. ​

Please do not put anything on the graves other than cut flowers or petals (ideally from the garden) – no rocks, stones, artificial flowers, Oasis foam, plastic trays, wireframes, tying wires, flower vases, glass or plastic.

Wilted flowers will be removed and recycled as compost.

Other than cut flowers (ideally from the garden), nothing should be placed or planted anywhere in the burial ground. We will remove (and dispose of) anything placed or left without permission and may seek to recover the costs involved.​

​Cremated remains may not be scattered or strewn in the burial ground without prior written application and approval.

​The Company cannot accept responsibility for any damage, loss or desecration caused to any plant or memorial.

Unless you have received our express permission to do so, no firewood is to be removed or harvested.

Hunting, shooting or fishing, camping, barbecues or fires, off-road driving, motorcycling or cycling are all prohibited.

Dogs are welcome on a lead, but for the protection of the resident wildlife, they should not be allowed to roam freely.

Terms and conditions of purchase also apply www.leedam.com

If in doubt please contact the burial ground custodian or the Leedam office via info@leedam.com or call 01600716438

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