Are you seeking an alternative to traditional cemeteries or crematoriums? Somewhere that is in harmony with the natural world?

Dorset Downs Natural Burial Ground is a place where timeless tranquillity and environmental sustainability intertwine. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Dorset, the burial ground offers a unique and meaningful alternative to conventional cemeteries.

Cute little lambs at the Compton Valence farm, next to Dorset Downs natural burial ground

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We would love you to come and explore the serene beauty of Dorset Downs Natural Burial Ground and discover a gentler alternative. You can visit the burial ground any time if you would like to explore alone or contact us to arrange a visit or to learn more about natural burial. Either email us or call us on 01305 564075.

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Where is Dorset Downs natural burial ground?

The burial ground is located a few miles west of Dorchester, near Compton Valence. If you are visiting the burial ground, please use the Google Maps location for Dorset Downs, rather than the postcode (which will not take you to the entrance).

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Whether you're arranging a funeral now or planning for the future, we have put together information packs for you to download.

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We have a full price list available on our forms and prices page. We offer full burial and ashes interments. All of our applications forms are available online or via pdf download.


The burial ground was set up by the landowners Jeremy and Tessa Russell, in partnership with Leedam. Read more about the farm and the custodians who care for it.


Unlike a conventional cemetery, there will not be rows of memorial stones, benches, vases of flowers or mementos. Instead you can dedicate a tree or an oak plaque in memory of someone.

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