Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are relevant for Cothiemuir, Delliefure and Hundy Mundy. These terms apply to families who have chosen to place a stone on a grave.

  • Memorial rights permit you to place and keep a memorial on the grave for ten years.
  • After twenty-five years, you can apply to extend the memorial rights.
  • Renewal fees help fund long-term maintenance of the burial ground.
  • We will remove memorials after the rights expire.


  • You are responsible for buying, placing, and maintaining the memorial stone.
  • Safety, upkeep, and repairs are your (and your successors’) responsibility.


  • We can remove stones that don’t meet specifications or pose a hazard.
  • We will remove stones placed without memorial rights.

Approval and Fees:

  • Make sure you get approval and pay fees before starting any work on-site.


  • Memorials are placed at your risk.
  • You’re responsible for keeping them visible, safe and in good condition.
  • We aren’t liable for fixing damaged memorials.


  • Notify us at least 7 days before placing the memorial so we can mark the plot.

Placement Guidelines:

  • Set memorial stones into the ground, with no edges above the surface.
  • Place them at the head of the grave, and writing facing the foot.

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