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Usk Landowner & Custodian
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Beautiful surroundings

Excellent service, kind and compassionate. Was there to welcome us and ensure that everything went smoothly. Beautiful surroundings and it fits in with my husband’s ethos in life, he loved wild camping and worked in Forestry early on in his career and then became a landscape gardener. Very impressed with the burial ground, the wooden hut and memorial plaques are a great idea.

A lovely, peaceful site

We were so well guided through the process, especially by Rosie. Everything was as we wished.The perfect day for us to say our farewells to Bimmy.

Peaceful, simple, dignified

The informal nature of the place is perfect.

Stunning, Unspoilt, Peaceful

The location is absolutely stunning, it is unspoilt, peaceful and the views over the hills and over Usk are amazing. There was enough parking and it was an easy walk to the graveside. The grave was immaculately prepared. Thank you so much.

Amongst nature

I would say that in a time of grief and bereavement you couldn’t wish for a better professional team to help you and get through this very sad time. It’s a very beautiful place to see your loved ones laid to rest and it’s such a beautiful and calm place to visit your loved ones with the beautiful surrounding views and peace and tranquility. You don’t feel sad when you visit them, you feel that they are amongst nature and in such a glorious resting place.

An enjoyable funeral in a perfect setting

It was perfect, thank you so much. I chose the burial ground because it’s close to where I live, and I actually found out about it years ago at Usk Show. The collective feeling has been that (if such a thing is possible), it was an enjoyable funeral in a perfect setting.

A comforting tribute

The fresh air, birds singing, lovely view and ability to add personal touches to the burial service itself made a comforting tribute to Matt.

Just perfect

Thank you from the bottom of my heart you all did a beautiful service and the place she is resting is just perfect for her so you have my deepest thanks.

Very peaceful and tranquil

Usk is very peaceful and tranquil. All mourners were very happy with the burial ground. It helped us, as Dora would have loved the views, we all agreed she will be very happy.

A perfect funeral

It was my husband’s wishes to be buried at Usk natural burial ground. It’s such a lovely setting, and everyone was very helpful at such a difficult time. I would certainly recommend this as an alternative to traditional burial in a cemetary.

A ​beautiful, peaceful setting

For all that it was a sad occasion, we all felt that it was a good day. We had a short time in the memorial shelter for prayers, a piece of music and family reflection before going into the field for the burial. Above all it was what our aunt wanted. She had a letter with her will dated 1998 expressing her wishes and as soon as we found out about Usk Castle Chase, we visited and she reserved a plot. It has a much more relaxed feel than a cemetery, it is a ​beautiful, peaceful setting.

The most beautiful service in stunning surroundings

We wanted a natural burial and this was the most beautiful location. We had a spiritual celebration, and it was the most beautiful service in stunning surroundings. I could not have asked for anything better.

A perfect celebration of life

My husband had mentioned Cardiff, but I went to Usk and it was outstanding. He didn’t know about Usk. I visited on a beautiful day overlooking the valley. You could see Twmbarlwm in the distance where we spent walking round the area.

This was more a celebration of my husband’s life who had suffered with cancer. After all these years, it made me feel very proud. James Tovey FD said the only thing that they couldn’t arrange was the weather. Even that was perfect.

The perfect send-off

The Usk natural burial ground is close to home and it feels so right. A natural burial allows the occasion to be what you want it to be. A celebration of the person, not dictated by others to fit into a production line.

We had a simple family gathering with celebrant Jane Grayer, celebrating Dad’s life with Huw Parkman directing. Everything was as good or better than we could have hoped for. Excellent advice – use Huw and Amanda for a willow coffin. I am so grateful for the sound advice from Tracy which enabled me to organise the perfect send-off for my Dad and allow my Mum to feel we had given him the ceremony he so deserved.

Peaceful and unspoilt

We chose Usk Castle Chase natural burial ground because it is peaceful and unspoilt, it feels so much more appropriate than a cemetery. My family and I feel that Les will be able to rest peacefully in the tranquil setting, I’m so grateful.

A beautiful, natural environment

Although my brother-in-law was initially involved in finding/arranging for the burial at Usk, I was the appointed executor of my Mother’s will and approved his choice “officially”. Although the burial was a very emotional event for me and my siblings, I am reassured that my Mother’s wish to be interred in a beautiful, natural environment, was fully respected.

Peaceful and unhurried atmosphere

We did not want (or like) a crematorium funeral. We are not a religious family, so ruled out the local churchyard. Usk Castle Chase has the peace of a churchyard but without all the stones. We had an informal funeral, with family contribution and wild flowers. We brought with us everything we might need on the day: a table, chairs for the elderly and water for flowers. The atmosphere is peaceful, unhurried and you are free to conduct any service you choose.

Funerals are always sad and in this case, it was the burial of my father, so even more so. Given that, given the right surrounds, atmosphere and environment, it is possible to create a positive memorial experience out of a sad event. It is also a pleasant place to visit and remember a person.

We knew it was the right place

The minute we stood in the meadow, we knew it was the right place to lay my mother to rest. My father commented, “She would like it here”.

A beautiful and peaceful spot

Usk Castle Chase is local to us and we love the countryside and whole ethos, particularly as we are not religious. We had a celebrant funeral and the only thing that could have been better was the weather – it was rather windy. I have already booked my plot and I’m looking forward to visiting in the summer – it is such a beautiful and peaceful spot. It was really wonderful to be able to have such a personal send-off.

Untouched, peaceful, contemplative and beautiful

It was my mother’s wish to be buried at the burial ground. However, it would have been my choice also. It exceeded expectations… The burial ground is untouched, peaceful, contemplative, beautiful and just perfect.

After visiting Usk Castle Chase to view, I already felt compelled to return once I left. It is not a depressing place to visit at all.

A lovely, peaceful site

My husband chose Usk Castle Chase earlier this year as the place he would like to be buried. It was a lovely, peaceful site if a bit wet underfoot. My niece who’s mother also died recently liked it so much, they are arranging her burial at the site also.

It exceeded all my expectations

The burial ground is an idyllic location that exudes serenity and contentment for loved ones no longer with us. It is a glorious place that remains true to nature and creation, celebrating the beauty of flora and fauna with no intrusions of modern life. Thank you so very much.

My mother adored nature – trees and birds particularly – both are in abundance in this location. She was also brought up in this locality and had very fond memories.

It exceeded all my expectations to exceptional levels. I am so pleased to have found you. I am sure it is the perfect haven for mother to have peace and joy. Thank you.

It’s an incredible place to be

Usk natural burial ground is close to home, so we can visit our son often. It’s beautiful, tranquil, pure. A wonderful, natural and peaceful place to come back to and spend time with our son. There is so much life all around, it’s an incredible place to be – The photographs do not do it justice.

Many of our guests commented on how wonderful the ground was and it made them reconsider where they would choose to be buried.

Unforgettably moving

We gave a lot of care – both necessary and strangely healing – to planning the ritual that we held at the field. It was not long or complicated (and we didn’t use an outside celebrant of any kind); but the universal reaction has been:

“Unforgettably moving, unique, and so completely right for Pamela. Heartbreaking maybe, but if a burial can ever be beautiful, this was.”

Of those who came, few knew much about natural burials. Many are now converted. On the day of the burial, we had no black hearse and no black-clad figures at the field: we were alone with Pamela and did everything ourselves… and this made all the difference.

We had time to reflect and remember

My parents were not particularly religious but did not want a humanist leading the service so I lead it supported by the funeral directors. The family then waited for an opportune time for a family member to come from Australia before interring the ashes at the burial ground. A perfect end to a difficult situation.

Our family really appreciated the tranquillity of the burial ground, the time we had to reflect and remember two most extraordinary people that had touched our lives. We have a place to come when we so desire to remember them.

The burial ground allows for people to ‘celebrate’ the lives of people they knew and loved. We ‘celebrated’ near Christmas time with mulled wine and mince pies. My parents loved Christmas so it was very fitting.

Peaceful, quiet and healing

Without any shadow of doubt knowing that Paul is in such a wonderful environment – peaceful, quiet and healing – helps the grieving process. Thank you for developing an amazing environment.

Shortly before Paul died, I met him in town where he was selling the Big Issue. We went for coffee and whilst I was with him Paul asked me would I like a cabbage. Apparently an old lady had taken a shine to Paul and every week brought him a cabbage. Paul could be the most amazing young man and that old dear could clearly see the goodness in him. Just before the funeral, we were able to buy some ornamental cabbages which we used at the Byre (wake). We find it comforting to know that other people could see behind “the wonderful Big Issue seller” and bring him a gift.

The first Christmas that Paul was at Usk we visited and saw a small group of people, sat on a rug with a bottle of bubbly, and we wondered when we would be able to celebrate his life… we aren’t there yet… however it does get easier.