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Pembrokeshire Landowner & Custodian
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Catch your memories on the sea breeze

In the heart of Pembrokeshire, between the sea and the mountains, close to Haverfordwest and St Davids, the burial meadow at Keeston is bringing new life to previously abandoned pasture.

Pembrokeshire is a place where fond memories are kindled – holidays and happy times exploring towns and villages, dramatic coastal scenery, beautiful beaches, and the Preseli Hills.

It is also a good place to come and blow away the cobwebs, clear your mind and revitalise the senses.

Peace through the changing seasons

Inside the meadow, close to the entrance, we’re building a memorial shelter to house commemorative oak plaques and provide a refuge from the elements for funeral services and visitors. In the meantime, there is space there for a marquee.

The beauty of the meadow evolves with the passing seasons. At any time of year, a visit to the burial ground will connect you with nature, reveal your senses to the elements, replenish you and revitalise you. You’ll have space to focus. To reflect on life, love and loss.

Download an information pack

Whether you're arranging a funeral now or planning for the future, we have put together information packs for you to download.

Upcoming event

On 16-17th August, we’ll be at the Pembrokeshire Show. Come along and say hello. You’ll be able to find out about the natural burial ground, our green projects and some ideas from local green funeral suppliers.

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Quick Questions

Do we need to use a funeral director?

There is no legal requirement in the UK to use a funeral director. The professionals are there to support you and help you achieve what you want to do. A good funeral director will provide the help and support you need when you need it.

What’s to stop people from building on the land?

Use of the land is restricted to natural burials by covenants contained in its 99-year lease. Beyond that, the burial ground is an integral part of the local landscape and will continue to provide habitats for wildlife, land for grazing and hay-making when the lease expires.

Can we buy a double plot?

Yes, burial and interment plots are single-depth, and you can purchase double plots that are side-by-side.

What type of coffins can be used?

Coffins should be made from and lined with natural, biodegradable materials. No plastics, MDF, or chipboard should be used.

Is embalming allowed?

We can’t accept embalmed bodies for burial unless there are exceptional circumstances. Cremated remains contain no residue from embalming chemicals and can therefore be interred in the meadow.

Can I visit the burial ground over Christmas and New Year?

Yes, you can go and visit the burial ground any time during the Christmas holidays, regardless of bank holidays – This is the case all year round for visits, it is always open for you to visit a loved one.

Visiting the burial ground

We recommend that before you purchase a burial or interment plot from us, you go to visit the burial ground, to make sure it is the right place for you and your family.

You can visit the burial ground without making an appointment. The pedestrian access gate is always unlocked. Or if you would like a guided tour around the ground, please get in touch with Sarah, the custodian, who will be happy to meet you there.

We recommend using What3Words to find the burial ground entrance, as the postcode is not accurate. Click on this link to go to the W3W address and you can use this to navigate to the burial ground.

Address of the burial ground (Not for correspondence)
Pembrokeshire natural burial ground
SA62 6EE