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A Beautiful Spot

Beautiful spot. Jane has an excellent manner, very pleasant to deal with and I like her ideas for the future maintenance of Hundy Mundy

Perfect for us and very peaceful

Meeting before very helpful indeed and a familiar kind face on the day. Perfect for us and very peaceful. Thank you!

Lovely place to visit and reflect

My late husband chose Hundy Mundy and with Mary’s guidance his plot. Beautiful natural place is what my late husband wanted and that is exactly what he got. It is a lovely place to visit and reflect and just a beautiful setting.

The people that look after Hundy Mundy are lovely . The grave digger on the day was very kind friendly and patiently waited whilst we said our goodbyes to my husband. We went back a couple of days later to see the flowers etc and he had laid all the flowers out beautifully.

The undertakers Kyle bro’s Kelso were brilliant too. So much empathy and sensitivity towards us.

Slightly wild atmosphere

Excellent location, wonderful, relaxed atmosphere, easy to arrange, very helpful people looking after the site (Mary) and the team at Leedam (Tracy).

We were greeted at the venue then left to our own plans which was great. The location is beautiful and kept very well, with slightly wild atmosphere, but maintained well. All of my family loved the place and will look forward to visiting in future.

A natural setting

My husband chose it because it was a natural setting and it’s a comfort to know my husband is resting there. I love Hundy Mundy and would love to be buried beside my husband there. We had a Pagan ceremony at the burial ground. One of the mourners missed the burial, as he couldn’t find it, but Mary (the custodian) kindly picked him up in her car and brought him. This company are so accommodating, a joy to deal with.

Quiet, tidy but natural

The burial ground has great views, it doesn’t feel like a graveyard. It is quiet, tidy but yet still natural. It is close to where we live and like the idea of natural. Our whole family will be there.

A lovely and peaceful place

We heard about the burial ground from our friends and chose it because of its location. It is a lovely and peaceful place. We had a small family funeral and would like to thank Mary and Colin (Mary is the Custodian and Colin is her husband and gravedigger) who made it a very easy and pleasant experience.

Very peaceful and quiet place

We love Hundy Mundy because of its natural beauty and peacefulness. On the day, we had a simple family committal of ashes, nothing could have been better… Special thanks to Mary and Colin who made everything so easy. We have been telling so many people about it and telling them to go and see Hundy Mundy and feel its peace.

Surrounded by trees, not tombstones

Hundy Mundy is a stunning location. It is peaceful and calming. It is a lovely idea to be surrounded by trees, not tombstones. On the day of the funeral, everything was perfect, even the weather was crisp and clear. It provided glorious views.

We’re so glad we have this burial ground in the Scottish borders.

Idyllic, set in an ancient border town

The burial ground is idyllic and set in an ancient border town. We feel it fitted very well with what Damion would have wanted. Mary at Hundy Mundy, could not have been more supportive and helpful. She really was outstanding and was instrumental in making the burial successful.

Peaceful, above all simple

My husband, Ray, and I both wanted a humanist burial so we chose Hundy Mundy woodland burial ground. My Ray’s humanist burial last week was everything and more than expected. The caring help that I received and the beautiful location helped so much.

Very peaceful

I found the burial ground very peaceful and an appropriate place as my husband loved trees and the countryside. Having visited Hundy Mundy just last weekend, it was lovely to see the sheep within the grounds, as my husband’s father was a shepherd.

Resting in lovely surroundings

I wanted my son to rest somewhere lovely. I don’t like the “factory feel” of ordinary cemeteries. Burying a child is horrendous, but more bearable knowing he rests in such lovely surroundings.

Part of earth’s cycle

Ian’s chose Hundy Mundy as his resting place. It’s based near where we were married. He loved that it’s natural, no upkeep, and part of earth’s cycle – encouraging woodland and wildlife preservation.

It’s natural, peaceful, scenic and on his burial day, we were blessed with sunshine and a dusting of snow. It was the best that it could have been.

I left feeling uplifted

I found the whole experience was all that I wanted and more, I left the service feeling uplifted and glad I had chosen this ceremony. As did everyone who attended. It was peaceful and perfect.

Plain, simple and perfect

The experience was smooth and seamless. It was excellent and just what my husband had requested – including my local florist’s bunches of flowers tied with natural raffia.

If I should die here in the borders of Scotland this is where I would choose to be at rest. Peaceful setting, beautiful views and kind staff helped make a sad day somewhat brighter.

I hope more families have the chance to put their loved ones in such places as graveyards are often abandoned or vandalised. Plain, simple and perfect.