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Dedicate a slate memorial plaque

It’s important to commemorate the names of the dead and when they lived.

The woodland burial ground will remain as a natural environment, the way you see it now. Unlike a conventional cemetery, there will not be rows of memorial stones, benches, vases of flowers or mementos, which would alter the special natural quality of the woodland. Instead, you can dedicate a slate plaque within the memorial panel at the burial ground.

Memorial rights

The memorial rights are granted for the display of a memorial plaque in the frame. Rights last for a period of 25 years after which they are renewable. The renewal of memorial rights in the future will provide an important contribution to the upkeep of the frame and other maintenance at the burial ground after income from the sale of rights of burial has ceased.

Dedicate a tree plaque

The woodland at Hundy Mundy is an important landscape feature and frames the ridgetop folly. As part of the long-term management of the burial ground, we are replacing aged and fallen trees with new specimens. These have been planted and guarded by tree tubes and bespoke timber surrounds to protect the young trees from wildlife and give them the best start in life.

If you would like to mount a plaque to dedicate the tree to the memory of someone, there is space for two slate plaques on each face of the wooden cage. The plaques will be displayed for an initial period of 10 years (due to the projected lifespan of the materials).

After 10 years, the cages will be removed as the tree should be well established by then; you will have the option to order a slate plaque to be placed within the memorial frame.

Dedicate a memorial

If you would like to dedicate a memorial plaque or a tree plaque to someone who has died, you can visit our forms and prices page to view the prices and access the forms. We also have an online application form you can complete.