Duncan Grant

Delliefure custodian
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It’s important to commemorate the names of the dead and when they lived.

The burial ground meadow will remain as a natural environment, the way you see it now. Unlike a conventional cemetery, there will not be rows of memorial stones, benches, vases of flowers or mementos, which would alter the special natural quality of the meadow.

Memorial stones are no longer be permitted on graves, in order to preserve the character of the meadow areas at Delliefure as an open grassland environment, the way you see them now. But you can buy rights to place a memorial stone within the woodland.

We are in the process of commissioning a group memorial panel to commemorate the names and dates of those buried there. If you would like to pre-order a memorial plaque for the memorial panel, please go to the forms and prices page and download the memorial rights form for a stone within the woodland area.

Memorial rights

The memorial rights are granted for the display of a memorial plaque in the frame. Rights last for a period of 10 years after which they are renewable. The renewal of memorial rights in the future will provide an important contribution to the upkeep of the frame and other maintenance at the burial ground after income from the sale of rights of burial has ceased.

Hand-crafted memorials for your home and garden

If you would like to commission a handcrafted memorial for your home or garden; we can wholeheartedly recommend local craftsman, Stewart Murdoch, who creates beautiful pieces in wood and stone.