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Lord Forbes - Cothiemuir Landowner
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Look out on familiar places

The woodland at Cothiemuir Hill is a peaceful, natural place. Somewhere special to spend time listening to the birdsong in the surrounding woodland, admiring the Neolithic stones, and taking in the view towards Bennachie. A place of escape, away from it all.

In the peace of wild things

Native wildflowers grow around the burial glades, wildlife inhabits the woodland and surrounding hills, which all make for an inspiring and enchanting place to be.
Our aim is to provide peaceful resting places in the beautiful countryside. Places for people to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

The burial ground offers time and space to do things your way. Whether arriving on horseback, bringing the dogs, erecting a marquee, or keeping things very simple, you have the scope and freedom to do as you wish.

Download an information pack

Whether you're arranging a funeral now or planning for the future, we have put together information packs for you to download.

Quick Questions

Do we need to use a funeral director?

There is no legal requirement in the UK to use a funeral director. The professionals are there to support you and help you achieve what you want to do. A good funeral director will provide the help and support you need when you need it.

What’s to stop people from building on the land?

Use of the land is restricted to natural burials by covenants contained in its 99-year lease. Beyond that, the burial ground is an integral part of the Forbes Estate and will continue to be when the lease expires.

Can we buy a double plot?

Burial and interment plots are single-depth, and double-plots are side-by-side.

What type of coffins can be used?

Coffins should be made from and lined with natural, biodegradable materials. No plastics, MDF, or chipboard should be used.

Is embalming allowed?

We can’t accept embalmed bodies for burial unless there are exceptional circumstances. Cremated remains contain no residue from embalming chemicals and can therefore be interred or scattered in the burial ground.

Can I visit the burial ground over bank holidays?

Yes, you can go and visit the burial ground any time regardless of bank holidays – This is the case all year round for visits, it is always open for you to visit a loved one.

Place of joy as well as sadness. Peaceful, beautiful and somewhere we can comfortably visit as a family, including children and dog.

Family - November 2014

Visiting the burial ground

We recommend that before you make the decision to purchase a burial or interment plot, you go to visit the burial ground, to make sure it is the right place for you and your family.

The site is open all year round during daylight hours so please feel free to visit without making an appointment. If you would like a guided tour around the ground, please get in touch with Malcolm Forbes, the landowner and custodian, who will be happy to meet you there.

We recommend using What3Words to find the burial ground entrance, as the postcode is not accurate. Click on this link to go to the W3W address and you can use this to navigate to the burial ground.

Address of the burial ground (Not for correspondence)
Castle Forbes
AB33 8BL
what3words ///warns.overruns.handbook


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