Sally Cook

Bath custodian
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About the burial ground

Bath Natural Burial Meadow is part of Clearbrook Farm is a former dairy farm, farmed by Janet Cross and her late husband John.

Sheep, our ‘natural lawn mowers’, will continue to graze the meadow which will preserve the appearance of the pastoral landscape.

Together with the spring-fed pond, the heritage orchard, which has been restored with memorial trees, will encourage rich, varied biodiversity and help safeguard historic varieties of apples.

The way you see it now is as it will stay.

About the landowners

Janet Cross set up the burial ground so that she herself could be buried there when the time comes and to know that the land would have a sustainable future.

The Cross family are passionate about preserving Midford’s idyllic landscape and protecting the land from development.

Janet’s daughter, Sally Cook, is the custodian at the burial ground. You can contact Sally if you would like to discover more about a natural burial or meet someone at the natural burial meadow for more information.