Willow coffin workshop with Wyldwood Willow

20th October 2020#guest-blog#other#planning-ahead#usk-castle-chase
Willow coffin workshop with Wyldwood Willow

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Amanda from Wyldwood Willow who was at our natural burial meadow in Usk Castle Chase for a socially distanced ‘willow coffin workshop’. She has put together a few words for our guest blog about her coffin making workshop, which helps families who want something a bit more personal and unique…

Just reflecting back over the last few days I realise just how amazing this year’s coffin making workshop has been.

With social distancing in place we all worked well together and with a demonstration led course I felt that all the participants observed and then repeated my steps to a really high standard!

3 beautiful coffins were woven and tried out by Dominic, Hellen, Amanda and her daughter. They all said that they couldn’t believe what hard work it was but also how satisfying and rewarding it was to learn this craft.

As one of them laughed “nothing beats making your own” I couldn’t help but reflect on the process and the sense of peace that weaving brings to me personally- this is where my humble beginnings as a weaver began and It’s so absorbing on so many levels that it well and truly gives the brain a rest from daily life.

​I guess that’s why it’s long been used as a way to rehabilitate mind and body – a physical workout all around!

Find out more about Wyldwood Willow

If you would like to find out more about Amanda's workshops and willow coffins, please visit her website or call her.