Why usk natural burial ground is the perfect place for my nan.

12th January 2021#family-stories#guest-blog#usk-castle-chase
Why usk natural burial ground is the perfect place for my nan.

Why we chose the natural burial meadow at Usk

Hi, my name is Seren Richards. I am the burial grounds manager’s daughter. My nan’s ashes are in Usk and we chose here because it is local and we can visit her whenever we would like to!

The day we went for a walk there all of the family knew that this is where she would want to be. In the summer months, we would all spend the afternoon there and bring a picnic with us. We all love the openness and freedom that the meadow has to offer!

Our dog loves the meadow

Another great thing about Usk is that the meadow is dog friendly too. We often walk our dog down here with my cousins and their puppy. My dog Beau loves it here as he can run around off the lead and have lots of freedom as well as us. We walk Beau in the Usk Burial meadow at least once a month. Sometimes we meet other dogs along the way also. It is great for dogs to socialise with others as it is one big open field and has plenty of grass for them to run around in. Beau has lots of fun and we do too.

The wildlife in Usk is great! There are so many different animals, some of them are deer, foxes, and rabbits. You may be lucky enough to spot a robin too. Sometimes there is sheep grazing in the meadow, they are the lawnmowers! Another thing I love about Usk is the view from the top of the field. You can look out and see the sun in the middle of the sky surrounded by lots of greenery. Instead of using gravestones, they have a little wooden shelter. On the ceiling inside it, you can look up and find the name you are looking for on the memorial plaques. The memorial shelter can be decorated for anyone’s burial.

Usk Burial Meadow is the perfect place for my Nan. I hope that it is perfect for your loved ones too.

​Blog by Seren Richards

Thank you

A big thank you Seren for this wonderful blog and for sharing this with us.

If you want to find out more about natural burial, Usk or any of our other natural burial grounds please don't hesitate to get in touch.