Why Natural Burial Might Resonate With You . . .

12th February 2024#other
Why Natural Burial Might Resonate With You . . .

Rhi Leedam

Managing Director

More and more people are switching to natural burial – here are some ways that this eco-friendly choice resonates with their values, addresses concerns, and delivers benefits to us all:

1. Environmental Consciousness:

– “Make a lasting impact on the planet by choosing a natural burial. Your final resting place can help to preserve the environment, creating a legacy of sustainability.”

2. Connect with Nature:

– “Experience a profound connection with nature in your eternal resting place. A natural burial ensures that your journey beyond is harmonious with the cycles of life, returning to the earth in a beautiful, eco-friendly way.”

3. Preserve Green Spaces:

– “Opt for a burial method that helps preserve green spaces. By choosing natural burial, you will help to conserve serene, natural landscapes as untouched sanctuaries.”

4. Celebrate Life’s Cycle:

– “Choose a burial option that celebrates the circle of life. Natural burials honour the natural order of life, allowing you to become part of the Earth’s renewal and growth.”

5. Personal Connection:

– “Your final resting place can reflect your commitment to environmental stewardship. A natural burial is a personal choice that echoes your values and leaves a positive impact for future generations.”

6. Simplicity:

– “Simplify your end-of-life arrangements with a natural burial. It’s a straightforward, serene choice that aligns with simplicity, embracing the beauty of nature without elaborate processes.”

7. Economic Sustainability:

– “Consider the long-term economic benefits of natural burial. It’s a cost-effective option that provides a sustainable and eco-friendly solution, offering financial peace of mind for you and your loved ones.”

8. Appeal to Tradition:

– “Reconnect with timeless traditions by choosing a natural burial. It harks back to a simpler, more intimate way of laying loved ones to rest, preserving the sanctity of the natural world.”

9. Educate on Biodegradability:

– “Ensure your legacy aligns with the Earth’s natural processes. Natural burial guarantees that everything returned to the earth is biodegradable, leaving no ecological footprint and fostering a healthier environment.”

10. Family Connection:

– “Create a lasting tribute to your loved ones by choosing a natural burial. It’s a meaningful way to honour family ties and leave a positive environmental legacy for generations to come.”

Natural burial appeals to individuals on a personal and emotional level, aligning with their values, concerns, and desires for a meaningful and sustainable legacy.

Ultimately, the decision to choose natural burial over cremation is a personal one, but these reasons showcase the positive environmental, cultural, and personal aspects that make natural burial an appealing and conscientious choice.

We’d love to hear your choices and reasons for choosing – please contact us or leave a comment below.

James Leedam
Leedam Natural Heritage