Why might a natural burial ground be a better experience for those who are neurodivergent?

20th March 2024#other
Why might a natural burial ground be a better experience for those who are neurodivergent?

Rhi Leedam

Managing Director

Natural burial grounds offer a unique environment that may be more accommodating for individuals who are neurodivergent compared to traditional cemeteries or crematoriums for several reasons:

Sensory Environment:

Natural burial grounds often provide a more serene setting compared to the formal and manicured environment of traditional cemeteries. The sounds of birds singing, leaves rustling, and the wind blowing create a calming sensory experience, which may be preferred by individuals who are sensitive to overwhelming or artificial stimuli.

Lack of Formality:

Traditional cemeteries can feel formal and structured, which may not be comfortable for individuals who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Natural burial grounds typically have fewer rules and regulations regarding behaviour and attire, allowing individuals to feel more at ease and free to express themselves in a way that feels natural to them.

Connection with Nature:

Many neurodivergent individuals have a deep connection with nature and find solace in natural environments. Natural burial grounds often incorporate elements such as trees, flowers, and wildlife, providing a sense of connection to the natural world that can be comforting and therapeutic.

Opportunities for Ritual and Reflection:

Natural burial grounds often allow for more personalised and meaningful rituals and ceremonies, which can be important for individuals who process emotions and experiences differently. The peaceful surroundings provide a conducive environment for reflection and contemplation, allowing individuals to mourn and remember their loved ones in a way that feels authentic to them.

Natural burial grounds offer a more inclusive and accommodating environment for individuals who are neurodivergent, allowing them to engage with the burial process in a way that respects their unique needs and preferences.

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