Taking the meadow home, a very special painting

17th June 2021#other
Taking the meadow home, a very special painting

When we received this image of a very special painting of Usk Castle Chase Natural Burial Meadow we wanted to share it with others. This beautiful painting of the meadow by Louise Kelly captures the essence of Lower Meadow. However, it also has a very special meaning behind it that we wanted to share with you.

The meaning behind the painting

Louise Kelly contacted us to make arrangements for her mother’s interment of ashes at Usk Castle Chase. This was a special place for her and she came to look at the Lower Meadow as a final resting place for her mother. While she was there she did a drawing and then a painting when she returned home to London. Here is a bit of the meaning behind the painting.

​”My mum was born in the Ponthir House in Monmouthshire in 1926, she was then Audrey Harris,” Louise told us. “Her grandfather and grandmother ran the pub. He was also the local coal merchant. Mum was one of nine children of whom only one remains. They all stayed in Newport except my mum, who moved to London in her twenties and lived there for the rest of her life. ”

“As I also live in London, I just wanted the meadow in my own home,” said Louise. ​ We are grateful to her for letting us share the image on our website for others to appreciate. For us, it captures the essence of Lower Meadow in the winter mists.

We hope you love it as much as we do.