Sustainable burial practices.

8th February 2021#nature
Sustainable burial practices.

With all the talk of changing the way we do things and helping our planet recover and find balance, we thought it would be nice to share some of our sustainable burial practices.

At our natural burial grounds, you may find sheep grazing. These are our ‘natural lawn mowers’ and allow the grass that is grown to be useful.

Occasionally you will find the tractor mowing the meadows for hay. We do this near the end of the season so wildflowers can support local wildlife like our honey bees. It is a peaceful practise allowing the native flora and fauna to flourish.

We encourage locally sourced tributes. Flowers or vegetables grown in the garden, instead of hothouses. This helps the environment and makes them special. The flowers in the photo were from one of our families gardens. You can find local florists that use seasonal flowers and plants grown on local farms too.

Natural burial is a carbon-friendly practice. It locks carbon into the ground where we have come from, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.

We use local suppliers, where we can, to reduce our carbon footprint. Expensive granite headstones are not transported from the other side of the globe where this practice has a damaging invisible impact on our environment.

Alongside sustainable practices, we can offer personal, unrushed funerals for our families because there are no time slots or significant infrastructure to support. We keep things simple, personal & natural.