Personal poems – ‘a natural burial’

23rd February 2021#family-stories
Personal poems – ‘a natural burial’

Rosie from ‘Personal Poems’ recently got in touch with us to discuss how poems can make a funeral really special. This is why she helps families to create poems that are personal to them.

She has written and shared with us this beautiful poem about natural burial that was inspired by some of our stories.

A Natural Burial

When my time arrives to say goodbye, I’ll wave my weary hand

And set my eyes upon the skies

Regifted to the land

I wish to be a memory of love and light and laughter

Free as wildflowers

That will grow here, ever-after

I wish to be a-slumber in my bed of fallen leaves

In the company of butterflies

My essence in the breeze

I wish to be a jigsaw piece that slots into the groove

Amongst the keep of maintenance sheep

Caressed by tender hooves

With my journey’s end upon us let’s embrace this natural worth

Don’t fear, I’m nestled safely here

Regifted to the Earth

– by Rosie Waspe at Personal Poems

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You can find out more about Rosie and how she helps families with personal poems at her website