Apple blossom at bath natural burial meadow

Apple Tree Planting at Bath Natural Burial Meadow

Friend led funeral in memorial shelter at Usk Natural Burial Meadow

Planning a DIY Funeral or family led funeral

Photo of multi coloured statues at National Memorial Arboretum

“Just put me in the bin” – Contemporary issues around ashes and bodies

Painting of usk castle chase natural burial meadow

Taking the meadow home, a very special painting

Handmade Ceramic Urns on a table with candles.

Beautiful hand made ceramic urns by Jane Shepphard

Wooden sign surrounded by green leaves saying, 'Natural Burial Ground'.

What type of funeral can I have at a natural burial ground?

Death Café logo with words on a cup, 'Talking about death is ... part of life'

Lets Talk About Death – A Chat at a Death Café in Monmouth

Bluebells in a beautiful woodland.

Should we scatter ashes? What impact does scattering ashes have on our environment?

Not fussed on funeral flowers? Here are some other ideas for a fitting funeral tribute

Eco-friendly coffins – what would you choose?

Spring is in the air – what to look out for!

“When I die…” What are your wishes?

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