Natural memorials close to the heart and home

24th November 2020#other
Natural memorials close to the heart and home
For many having a memorial is an important part of remembering someone special. It’s a place that you can visit and take a moment to remember and reflect. While we offer simple natural memorials in the memorial frames and shelters at our natural burial grounds, we understand some families also like to have something a bit closer to home. If you have decided that you would like to do something special at home or in a place you shared, or maybe even that would like plant a tree or a favourite flower in your garden in memory of someone special this may be something you would like to commemorate with your own personal memorial plaque. UK Memorials have very kindly written a blog for us about the different type of natural memorials families may wish to use for their own personal memorials away from the natural burial ground.

UK Memorials – Who we are

Hi, as you may have guessed from the title we are UK Memorials, a company who makes memorial plaques. We are an online business based in the rural location of North Devon, on an old farm style property. Sarah from Leedam Natural Heritage has very kindly asked us to write a blog to introduce ourselves and provide you all a little more information into us. ​
Who are we?

As I mentioned before we are an online company that makes bespoke, high-quality memorials. We are a family run business with what we like to call a few ‘extended’ family members. We have been running now for just shy of 20 years, having a partner company called The Sign Maker. We are nestled away in the North Devon countryside on an old farm which we have converted barns into offices and workshop spaces. It is here that our team of expertly trained craftsmen set about making the memorials and signs. We have carpenters, stonemasons, vinyl applicators and engraving technicians. Then on the office side, we have designers and our lovely admin team on hand to help with all enquiries. We have a passion for the environment and on our site, we take part in lots of eco-friendly projects including erecting a wind turbine, wildlife meadows and have bees, which is why our logo includes bees!

What do we make?

Here at UK Memorials we make a large range of memorials in lots of different materials. However, if you are reading this blog we know the value you all have in natural burials, therefore today we will be discussing our natural memorials with you. The main material used in natural burials is timber of which we have a few to share with you.


Oak is a traditional timber with a beautiful grain running through it. It is a very hard, heavy and durable timber which makes it an excellent choice for natural memorials. As with all timbers, it is important to maintain it. Here at The Sign Maker, we use either Satin Varnish or Devon Oil which is free from chemicals and very environmentally friendly.



Iroko is another excellent choice, it is deeper in colour and again has a beautiful grain. Its colour can vary from a pale golden brown to a dark chocolate brown. It is a very stable, hardwood that is naturally very oily which helps to preserve the timber for longer. With Iroko, because it is so naturally oily it can only be treated with oil over varnish.



Our final timber to share with you today is Balau, a timber which is not as well known but excellent for memorials. It is a hard, dense and heavy timber that is filled with its own natural oil. This timber has a very similar appearance to teak in colour and varies from yellow-brown to brown in colour. Again because the timber is so naturally oily we only treat it with oil.


The Types of Memorials

The main types of memorials that we sell for natural burials are our wooden memorial plaques on a wooden post with wooden dowels for fixing or our wooden lawn memorials and finally wooden ash caskets with no metal. What makes us unique here at UK Memorials is that we can make the memorial just the way you want it, from size to style. Our onsite designer and admin team are on hand to help to discuss your requirements and create a design that is perfect. With hundreds of fonts and thousands of images to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Stone Memorials

Stone memorials are another natural option that you may wish to use for a personal memorial. Usually, letters for natural memorials are blasted and left unpainted but it can be a popular choice if allowed. Here at UK Memorials, we have talented stonemasons on hand to help produce beautiful stone memorials. We have the options of slate or granite. This can be purchased as a tablet or as granite memorials. ​


Further Information

We hope you have found today’s blog insightful and if you would like to know more about what we do please do contact us using any of the methods below:

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