Catching up on 2021 with Usk Castle Chase Natural Burial Meadow

12th February 2022#news#usk-castle-chase
Catching up on 2021 with Usk Castle Chase Natural Burial Meadow

2021 at Usk Castle Chase Natural Burial Meadow

Starting 2021 with social distancing restrictions in place meant it was a slightly different start to the year at Usk. With covid restrictions easing, we were able to offer funerals with fewer restrictions than the previous year. It was great when we could finally offer unrestricted numbers on funerals. But even amidst restrictions, families found ways to make funerals personal and special. This included offering boxed afternoon tea’s, bringing the horse to the funeral and hiring a mobile coffee van. We were lucky that the natural burial ground gave us a safer outdoor setting which gave us the flexibility to work with families while adhering to the rules. When restrictions were lifted it really helped those planning or arranging a burial with us. It was also great to see Wyldwood Willow Workshops resuming in the barn.

Throughout the year nature continued doing what it to do what it does best. The flowers bloomed and changed with the seasons. It was wonderful watching the wood anemones, bluebells and buttercups as spring went into summer. The buds on the trees grew, leaves flourished and then fell as autumn arrived. While the long grasses of the summer encouraged wildlife like our grasshoppers. These filled the meadow with the sound of chirruping. We ended the year with some beautiful winter sunsets and our natural lawnmowers mowing the meadow.

Exciting news for pets lovers

In 2021 we also had some news for pet lovers. We know how important pets are and that for some including pets ashes is an important part of their wishes. Last year we were given the news that we could include pets ashes as part of a natural burial or interment of ashes. We are really pleased that we can now offer this. We hope this helps those arranging burials and brings some comfort knowing that pets can be reunited with their owners.

Exploring a Fox Hole.

The end of the year bought the winter wildlife to the natural burial meadow but it also brought a visit to our world war 2 Fox Hole. It is still in excellent condition after its restoration. Many do not realise this is part of the meadow. It’s hidden within the woodland but it’s an important part of our history that we want to share with people. You can see some of our recent photos of the Fox Hole (operational base) below.

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