Catching up on 2021 with Cardiff and the Vale Natural Burial Meadow

8th February 2022#cardiff-and-the-vale
Catching up on 2021 with Cardiff and the Vale Natural Burial Meadow

What’s been going on in 2021

With this spring already approaching it makes us think back to how we started last year. We have had a very different start to the year with covid restrictions, but nature, as always, followed its path. As the winter weather subsided we welcomed our daffodils. These were soon joined by our other late winter and early spring wildflowers. We also had a bit of a spring clean removing some of the fallen branches and tidying up the woodland by the car park. Nature is wonderful at what it does, however, on occasion, a bit of gentle maintenance is necessary.

It was great when restrictions finally started to ease. Families did not have to worry about funeral numbers and could use the memorial shelter. We got some exciting news for pet owners too. In 2021 we received permission to include pets ashes as part of a natural burial or ashes interment. We have always been a pet-friendly natural burial ground and love animals. Often people will bring the dog for a walk when they visit, some will even bring them to the funeral. It’s nice they can do this and we know that for some having their pets with them when they go is important. We hope this helps to bring some comfort to family and friends if it means they can honour a loved one’s wishes.

Our Green Projects

Our Jubilee Sessile Oaks, planted in 2012, are taking their place in the meadow. As they come up to 10 years they have already got big enough that they no longer need cages. But, they still have a lot more growing to do and every year it is wonderful to see them mature. Oak trees support more life forms than any other native tree, and some species depend on them for their survival. There has been a decline in Oak trees so any new oak trees are important. These trees are already on their way to supporting a huge number of species and are already providing homes to some of our wildlife. You can read more about our Jubilee Oaks at our Green Projects Page. Here are a few photos of our Oaks from last year and 2020.

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