Catching up on 2021 at Cothiemuir Hill Woodland Burial Ground

19th February 2022#cothiemuir#news
Catching up on 2021 at Cothiemuir Hill Woodland Burial Ground

The start of 2021 was a bit different from any other as we still had covid restrictions in place. These had started to lift and we were really pleased when attendance was no longer restricted at funerals. We know it’s never easy for those planning a funeral or burial and covid made this even harder. However, we saw people approach the challenge of covid with positivity and courage. Even amidst the restrictions, people made sure funerals were personal and special. We were lucky that the great outdoors gave us a little bit more flexibility. It offered a slightly safer environment where covid was not the focus and allowed families to have time and space to remember the people special to them.

And we will meet in the woods far far away from this hustle and bustle… and share love and sunshine. – Avijeet Das

Lunar standstill

2021 was also the year of the last big lunar standstill. The standing stones at the centre of Cothiemuir Hill may have their own special links to the moon. This is because they appear to point towards the major lunar standstills. You can read more about their history and why this may have been a very special time for our ancestors here.

Remembrance of those that have gone before is something that resonates with us. This is because the woodland burial ground is a special place of remembrance for all our families. It is a place many visit to remember and reflect. Last year may have marked a special year for ancestors who had their own form of ‘natural burial’ thousands of years ago.

Standing Stones

News for Pet Lovers

We also have some interesting news for our pet lovers. In 2021 we were given permission to include pets ashes as part of a natural burial or interment of ashes. It means those who would like to include pet’s ashes can. We hope it brings some comfort to those planning a funeral if this is part of their family member or friends’ wishes.

Fantastic Fungi

Last year we found some fantastic mushrooms and fungi in the forest at Cotheirmuir Hill. This is not unusual as the ancient pine forest provides a diverse ecosystem for our wildlife. This includes mushrooms otherwise known as mycelium. However, the new information shared on ‘The Green Planet’ about mycelium has shed a lot of light on these amazing organisms. We already knew their importance when it came to natural burial but this gave us an even greater appreciation of the mycelial networks that may run across the woodland.

Here are just a few of the wonderful mushrooms we found on one of our walks in 2021.

If you have seen something special or taken any photos you would like to share we would love to see them.

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