Capturing Nature: Wildlife at Pembrokeshire Natural Burial Meadow

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Capturing Nature: Wildlife at Pembrokeshire Natural Burial Meadow

Rhi Leedam

Managing Director

At our natural burial ground, the harmony of life and death comes full circle, creating a sanctuary for both humans and wildlife. The landscape has become a haven for a variety of creatures, and our wildlife camera has captured some truly remarkable moments. In this blog, we’ll share some of the delightful encounters our camera has recorded, showcasing the rich biodiversity that thrives here.

The Elusive Slow Worm

One of our most intriguing discoveries was the slow worm, a creature that is neither slow nor a worm, but rather a legless lizard often mistaken as a snake. One warm day, we spotted a slow worm basking in the sun, its smooth, glossy scales shimmering in the light. The slow worm’s presence is a reassuring sign of a healthy ecosystem, quietly affirming the richness of biodiversity in our meadow. It is a rare privilege to witness such a secretive creature in its natural habitat.

Frogs and a Playful Intruder

Our burial ground is teeming with life, including a vibrant population of frogs. These amphibians are vital in controlling insect populations, maintaining the ecological balance. Picture this: a serene frog, minding its own business, suddenly confronted by the nose of a curious dog named Luna. The frog, understandably startled, leapt away, leaving Luna in a state of bewildered excitement. It’s these unexpected, almost comical interactions that make our burial ground a delightful spectacle of nature’s spontaneity.

The Shy Water Rail

Perhaps the rarest sighting at our meadow is the Water Rail, a bird known for its elusive nature. Preferring dense vegetation, the Water Rail is seldom seen in the open. Our wildlife camera captured this shy bird, validating the burial ground as a perfect refuge for species that thrive in undisturbed environments. The presence of the Water Rail is a testament to the tranquillity and safety offered by this habitat.

Water Voles and Little Mice

The waterways of our meadow are alive with activity, including the charming water vole. These semi-aquatic rodents play a crucial role in the ecosystem by dispersing seeds and maintaining aquatic vegetation. Alongside the water voles, our cameras have documented tiny field mice, darting through the underbrush in search of food. These small creatures, often overlooked, are integral to the ecological health of our burial ground.

The Graceful Moorhens

Moorhens, with their distinctive red and yellow beaks, have made their home around our burial ground pond. These elegant birds are frequently seen foraging in the shallow waters or gliding gracefully across the pond’s surface. Their presence adds a touch of serenity to the landscape, and observing their behaviour is a continuous source of delight.

Creating a Haven for Wildlife

The rich diversity of wildlife documented by our cameras highlights the importance of natural burial grounds as havens for various species. By maintaining these areas in a way that supports natural processes, we create environments where wildlife can flourish alongside human remembrance. Each species, from the elusive Water Rail to the industrious water voles, weaves into the intricate tapestry of biodiversity.

The Role of Wildlife Cameras

Wildlife cameras are indispensable tools, allowing us to monitor and understand the inhabitants of our burial ground. These unobtrusive devices provide glimpses into the natural behaviours of animals, free from human interference. The footage not only enriches our understanding of local biodiversity but also guides us in protecting and enhancing these habitats.


Pembrokeshire Natural Burial Meadow is more than a resting place; it’s a vibrant ecosystem teeming with life. From the elusive Water Rail to the playful frogs and industrious water voles, each species contributes to the rich tapestry of biodiversity.
We invite you to visit and experience this unique blend of nature and remembrance, knowing that your presence supports the preservation of this precious habitat.

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