Picnics, pizza, & ice cream, adding personal touches to a funeral

9th November 2020#bath#coronavirus#funerals
Picnics, pizza, & ice cream, adding personal touches to a funeral

Funerals are an opportunity to remember and celebrate the person who has died in a truly personal way. Bringing personal touches to a funeral can transform the experience and really make it true to the person you’ve lost. Even during Covid-19, families have continued to be creative in their ideas of how to arrange heartfelt, special occasions.

Sally, our custodian at Bath Natural Burial Meadow has been sharing some of the families at the burial ground have been able to plan special and personal funerals.

It is lovely that people are being more imaginative about their events here at the moment because of not being able to do much elsewhere. People are making more use of the space here because they can’t go to a venue.

Families have brought bubble machines, ordered takeaway pizza in the orchard, and brought their own picnic baskets, all this while adhering to the rules and staying safe.

They have also been approached by families who wanted a cremation but decided to have a personal, less restrictive outdoor funeral first which shows that there are alternatives that can be arranged.

One of the stories that we loved hearing was how she had a ‘celebration of life’ scattering with a celebrant and an ice cream trailer with ice creams after the service. It was a positive alternative that gave the family a chance to say goodbye the right way, which is what we are all about.

​We are lucky that at the natural burial ground we can offer the space and time for families to add their own personal touches. Even with social distancing, the focus can be on the funeral because a two-metre gap doesn’t seem so wide in the open countryside, and family bubbles can easily stand or sit together. A swift turnover of services may mean it is difficult for crematoria to design new chair arrangements to suit each family’s needs but there are ways around this. You only get one chance at a funeral and a ‘bad’ funeral can stay with you for life.

We believe it’s important that with life focused on Covid (for the time being), we don’t forget the true focus of a funeral. By working together we can find solutions that work with restrictions to allow families to have compassionate and kind funerals because at the end of the day that is important.