Low impact, long term assets

We specialise in developing very low impact burial grounds, which complement farming activities and schemes. Our natural burial grounds boost income without detracting from regular farming. We take a long-term view to create future assets rather than long-term liabilities.

We know the pitfalls and will work in tandem with you to create a scheme that will successfully obtain planning consent even within AONBs, Green Belt or National Parks. They provide a good return on investment and steady income over a long period.

Our burial grounds…

  • offer landowners considerably more income from the land than through regular agriculture
  • supply the growing demand for environmental alternatives to conventional funerals
  • present local authorities with opportunities for new private partnerships to ease pressure on cemetery space, meet environmental targets and reduce maintenance commitments
  • increase wildlife habitats and biodiversity of the land
  • provide the prospect of excellent long term revenue

Complementary skills

By working together we both benefit from the complementary experience, assets and expertise that each has to offer the venture. Using our in-house capabilities, we can fully investigate prospective sites and do all that is required to gain planning consent, without the need to bring in consultants. The landowner need not be involved in this complicated and sometimes slow part of the venture.

Once consent is obtained and the site is operational, we benefit from the landowner’s intimate local knowledge and hands-on management of the land. We manage all sales and marketing, administration, statutory recording and liaison with Funeral Directors and families. As the UK’s leading provider of natural burial sites, the landowner also benefits from our brand recognition, website exposure and multiple-site advertising savings.

Make use of non-viable land

In most cases, the land that will be used for natural burials will be land that has no other viable use. Where grassland is chosen for the site, this can still be selectively grazed and income from this source is available to the landowner. There is also the opportunity to provide grave-digging services.

Established management systems

Our robust management systems deal with all of the burial ground administration and our good working relationships with the trade means that there is no steep learning curve for the landowner.

The service we provide is as follows:

  • Answer telephone, email and postal enquiries during office hours Monday to Friday 9am -5pm
  • Issue application forms and deal with sales requests
  • Keep a jointly accessible online diary of events for the burial ground
  • Liaise with families, funeral directors, the custodian and gravedigger
  • Receive and check paperwork and payments
  • Instruct the gravedigger and local representative
  • Record details in the statutory register and register plan
  • Return forms to the Registrar or Coroner
  • Produce burial certificates and plot individual grave location plans
  • Send families formal burial documents
  • Social media and website management
  • Marketing strategy and outreach to local organisations

Get in touch

If you are interested in setting up a burial ground on your land and would like to discuss how we could work together, please get in touch with James Leedam.

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