More and more people are now using the internet as a means of commemoration and a memorial website can help you to express, keep and display valuable personal memories and thoughts about the person who has died.

On a memorial website, you can express your feelings about the person but in pictures, music and even video. You can also use your site to enable family and friends, however far away they live, to send their thoughts and to contribute as well, maybe by adding a picture you’ve never seen or a special story you’ve never heard.

Some people will also use their site to pass on information to family & friends about the funeral and later on anniversaries and other important occasions. A growing number are even being used to try to help raise money for good causes.

In addition, memorial websites can be kept online indefinitely, meaning that you can create a lasting record and legacy to be kept in perpetuity for family and future generations to see.

We recommend visiting, the online tribute charity. You can create your own personalised and free online memorial in memory of a loved one.

Another memorial website we can recommend is, who have a free plan available for creating a tribute page.