We like to hear back from families that their chosen funeral director was wonderful. We like Funeral Directors who know all about the natural burial ground and explain the differences between what we offer and a standard cemetery. We like Funeral Directors who are willing to take different approaches depending on what their client wants. We also like Funeral Directors who offer to step back when their essential work is done and give the family space.

As we wanted the occasion to be informal we asked the funeral directors if their attendants could be not in hats and black ties etc. They were delighted to lose their ties and be casual, as it was a warm day!

Find one that’s right for you

Talk to your local funeral directors to find out if they are in tune with what you have in mind. Think about what you would like before you go, and listen to what they can offer in terms of price, time frame, facilities, products and services.

‚ÄčIf you’d like them to ‘dress down’, then make sure to ask. Let them know what you would like to do and which products and services you prefer, and don’t be swayed because ‘it’s what most people do’. A good one will be able to help you fulfil all of your wishes, especially if you provide them with the information and sources you have found in your research.

Remember, there is no law requiring you to use a funeral director. If you wish to do some aspects yourselves, the funeral director should offer help where needed and allow you to take control.

Shop around

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a quotation with a breakdown of costs and to get competitive costings from other Funeral Directors. Funeral prices have risen steeply over recent years and there can be thousands of pounds difference between nearby firms for the same service.

Just because a Funeral Director has the body in their care, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with them and their prices. You might also find that a funeral director from outside the immediate area is a better bet

‚ÄčTo see a list of Funeral Directors near you, please visit your burial ground’s ‘Useful Contacts’ page. To find this, please follow this link to our burial grounds and select the burial ground from there. Alternatively, call us (01600 716438) and find out who we think provides a good service in your area.